Our Products

Our Products

Amberply produces a wide array of woodboards of different core and laminated designs.

Raw/Core Boards

Particle Board

Particle Board

Particle board is comprised of wood shavings granulated, blended with a resin and pressed to form a flat board; Its relative softness allows for complex curves and edges that are otherwise difficult to do with hard wood; It is an ideal core for laminated finishes of cabinets and fixtures used in dry areas; This is a great material to use in low cost projects.


MDF (Medium Density Fiberboards)

Composed of fine wood fibers that give it a smooth and consistent surface, this makes it ideal for smooth, decorative and detailed edge designs; MDF is not recommended for outdoor use or surfaces that have high exposure to moisture; MDF is also an ideal substrate for HPL (high Pressure Laminates) and for painted surfaces with an oil-based primer.


OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

OSB is extensively used for wall sheathing, floor underlayment, roof cover and I-joist in buildings and homes; Though not recommended for applications where there is direct contact with a moisture source, its tensile strength and resistance to wood pests makes it ideal for furniture frames, decorative wall panels, shelving, crating and dry storage pallets.



Plywood is one of the oldest forms of engineered wood consisting of veneers bonded together with the grain in alternate plies running at right angles; Amberply Plywood stands out from the rest for its lightness, moisture resistance, dimensional consistency and thick layering that renders a solid and even finish without warps, bends and overlaps.

Melamin Faced Wood Panels

Melamine Faced Wood Panels

Melamine Laminate Wood Panel is a decorative surface option for woodboards that can be used to replace painted or high pressure laminated (HPL) woodboards. Melamine Board is easy-to-clean, scratch and stain resistant. Melamine Board saves money and time because installation does not require painting, sanding or finishing as with plain wood boards. It is also a good substitute for HPL because the design is already laminated directly on the wood base core.

Amberply SQIN Melamine Faced Plywood is also another option where Melamine designs are laminated on 3mm thick Marine plywood. Because of its thin wood-base core, Amberply Sqins bonds to a wood-base substrate better than HPL. Its 3mm thickness also prevents it from cracking as brittle HPL sheets normally do during handling. Cost is also greatly reduced by using a 15mm base instead on an 18mm base to achieve a perfect 18mm decorated surface.

Melamine Designs

White Oak




Ministry Oak



Sonoma Oak Light

Sonoma Oak Dark






Mystic Elm