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Evolution of the Wood Panel

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Amberply produces a wide array of woodboards of different core and laminated designs.

Every type of board has its pros & cons. The art of choosing the right materials for your projects is about finding the balance between the quality you seek, the application & function of that piece of design with other factors such as budget, availability and labour costs. Our product range is designed to help you win at providing exceptional value for your customers and maximise profit for your practice at the same time.

Our Products
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Amberply Trading Corporation is an importer and wholesaler of premium plywood products.

AMBERPLY TRADING CORPORATION was established in the Philippines in 2015. It aims to fill the gap between the demand for quality veneer and woodboard products and the local supply of it in an ever discerning market. Its products are made from Malaysian wood varieties known for their strength, durability and refined characteristics. The Amberply brand is synonymous with quality, professional service and competitive price. Amberply woodboards are recognized for its excellent strength, dimensional consistency, density and durability in the furniture and construction sector in the Philippines.


Let us help you make that design real. Tell us what you have in mind and we will tell you what you need. Let us delight your clients, your designers and your workers with the creative possibilities you can make. Let us let them know that your creation need not be that hard, that costly and that long to make.


The delicate balance between quality and cost must be achieved. We are here to make it work and we believe both goals are doable so we never stop improving our products that you, too, can improve yours, project after project. We’ve come a long way from breaking the boundaries of what we can make out of traditional woodboards.


Let’s get you some help. Tell us a bit about your question so we can get right to it. We don’t want you to wait for that delivery, that call or that appointment. Time is valuable and we don’t want you to waste it. Can’t achieve the desired effect of what wanted? We can help you with that, too. We just want you to succeed.

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